Product update: Introducing Insert Campaigns to our Marketing Automation Platform.

We are very happy to announce the introduction of a new type of campaign within our marketing automation platform. From today our customers have the possibility to design, configure, print and distribute insert campaigns with the same flexibility and ease as sending email. Next to the postcard and letter formats we have activated the insert format within the Postana dashboard. This gives you the freedom to create highly personalised messages for your insert campaigns. Use our flexible HTML design templates in combination with ‘merge variables’ to add user data for these marketing format as well. Creating highly personalised insert messages that offer a unique customer experience.    

Product update - Insert Campaigns Formats

Insert Sizes and Formats

Insert campaigns come in all kind of formats and sizes. The size that is right for your marketing campaign depends on the medium that you want to use to distribute your message. For an acquisition campaign you may want to use a well read magazine within your target audience to distribute your insert. For a cross-sell campaign it can be more suitable to insert your offer into the parcel of an associated product that was ordered via an online shop. For these type of marketing campaigns the A6 size and the A5 size are the most frequently used formats. 

Another way to make use of this format is to inject a personalised insert into the envelope of your Direct Mail campaign. Your customers will not only get the letter that is addressed to them, but also the inserted campaign. The latest digital printing technology makes is easy to send each customer their own personalised messages. Inserts trigger a higher engagement with your customers and a better conversion of your campaign. For these type of campaigns the A5 size and the A4 size are the most commonly used formats.

Insert Campaign Configuration

After you have made the decision how you want to distribute the inserts, you can start with the design and configuration of the campaign. Using our flexible HTML design templates gives you different options to create the product. The most simple and straight forward approach is the ‘static printing‘ option. With this configuration all your printed inserts will be identical. The next option is the ‘imprinting‘ approach. With this configuration a specific part of the insert will be variable and different for each customer. This could be for example a unique coupon code, discount code or QR-code. The approach with the most comprehensive options for personalisation is the ‘digital printing‘ option. With this configuration every single print can be fully personalised and the design and the messages of the insert completely different for each customer. See our campaign configuration guidelines for more information.

Postana Team

Postana Team

Customer Success Team

Postana is a programmatic Print and Direct Mail automation platform for marketers to create, configure, print and distribute postcard, letter and insert campaigns. Our customer success team is dedicated to help you achieve your marketing goals with personalised campaigns and customer engagement programs.

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