Programatic Print and Direct Mail in the Data Economy. We live in a Different Era.

The world has shifted to the data economy with 6.8 billion potential customers on mobile, social and web. 80% of customers demand new consumption models.


Single Channel
TV, Radio, Newspaper.
Mass Media


Cross Channel
Internet, Email.
Digital Media


Multi Channel
Facebook, YouTube.
Social Media


Omni Channel
Direct Mail, Display.
Programmatic Media

Customers have changed and they have new expectations.

Customers are looking for new ways to engage with businesses. 70% of the customers are through the buying cycle before they contact you. They are connected, in control and already informed on products, pricing, competitors and reviews.

Customers have new expectations and they want outcomes, not ownership. Customisation, not generalisation. They expect services to be personalised, constantly improved, real-time and memorable.

Businesses must change together with them.

There is a fundamental mismatch between how organisations market and sell, and the way people actually shop and buy.

The result? Businesses are changing! Over the past 9 years, we’ve seen an explosion of new types of business models. All designed to keep customers consistently engaged in long-term relationships. These relationship-based models help businesses grow, but also hold them accountable for long-term value to customers and their loyalty.

Data Economy - New Customer Expectations - Postana

In the last 15 years, 52% of the Fortune 500 Companies have Disappeared.

75 years

Average life expectancy
in 1995

15 years

Average life expectancy
in 2015

Data Economy - Data Driven Customer Experiences - Postana

Businesses that deliver in the data economy are winning!

How to drive success in the data economy? What is the common thread for companies that are successful today? It’s the 21st century. Businesses are shifting focus from products to relationships. Businesses with personalised and data driven messages are disrupting their own industries, captivating customers and reinventing the way users engage with them.

Customers are now expecting data driven experiences.

Data driving companies live (or die) by their ability to focus on the relationship with customers. The formula for growth lies in delivering multi-channel experiences and services, that gets better over time. The focus is on retaining existing customers, nurturing the relationship, creating predictability, recurring revenue streams, and finding new ways to deliver ongoing value for your customers that will build long-term loyalty.

Programmatic Media solutions to Engage with Customers.

Focus on building long term relationships with customers requires new ways of thinking …

icon - Ongoing Value


icon - Memorable Experiences


icon - Immediate Fulfilment


icon - Anywhere and Real-Time

and Real-time

icon - Personalised Moments


However, business encounter an increasing problem.

Brands and organisations struggle to grow in the saturated digital landscape. While customers are overwhelmed by the amount of digital information. Every day 294 billion emails are sent out, 4 million blog posts are published, 864,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube and over 4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook. As a result it is becoming increasingly more difficult for businesses to stand out in the digital landscape.

First move advantage in search, social and email has disappeared.

Businesses spent two decades bringing together technology and marketing. Discovering new marketing strategies and disrupting huge markets. The marketers who discovered these methods quicker won and those who didn’t lost market share. As search, social, email and other digital channels become more mature the first move advantage disappeared, making it hard to continue growing. This pattern accelerated in the past 4 years.

Data Economy - Saturated Digital Landscape - Postana

Business are now looking for New Competitive Advantages …

… to nurture the relationship in the multi-touch customer journey. Customers don’t buy right away from the first moment businesses reach out to them. In fact 80% of the customers had at least 5 to 12 contact moments before they converted. Hence businesses need to nurture the relationship with their users and interact frequently to be top-of-mind when they are ready to act.
Data Economy - Direct Mail Channel - Postana

Direct Mail is the best kept secret in performance marketing

Direct Mail has always been a channel that has resonated with consumers in a unique manner. It is highly targeted, gives a personal experience and works really well in multi-channel programs and marketing campaigns. It’s a highly trusted medium, has a long shelf life and has proven to be effective for both acquisition and user engagement strategies.

Direct Mail is the easiest way to differentiate yourself in the data economy.

A printed message is the easiest way for businesses and brands to differentiate themselves in today’s digital world. However, Direct Mail has not been technologically compatible with the way digital marketing is done today. It hasn’t evolved in decades and it is just as slow and challenging to execute Direct Mail campaigns today as it was 30 years ago.

Postana is changing this status quo. We created an online platform that makes print and Direct Mail campaigns as easy as search, social or email.

See how we Empower digital Marketers with Programmatic Print and Direct Mail automation in the Data Economy.