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Setup and launch one-off and recurring campaigns in minutes through our marketing automation platform with smart digital printing and Direct Mail solutions.

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Create awareness and launch new user acquisition campaigns.

What if you could reach your entire addressable market with relevant content and personalised calls to action? With our smart print and Direct Mail solutions you can send one-time promotions. Or trigger postcards and letters with tailored acquisition offers based on demographic, interest and behavioural data. Our print and Direct Mail automation platform enables your to create user acquisition campaigns to generate the increased awareness for your product, brand or service that you are looking for. 

Direct Mail Solutions - New User Acquisition Campaigns
Direct Mail Solutions - Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminders

Reconnect with shoppers and send abandoned shopping cart reminders.

Reaching out to visitors who didn’t complete the online purchasing process can be a powerful way to reconnect with potential customers. With our print and Direct Mail solutions you can bridge the gab between high intent traffic and increased conversion rates. By sending personalised abandoned shopping cart reminders. Postana’s real-time segmentation engine allows you to deploy Direct Mail campaigns to high converting segments and get the best value from your retargeting program.

Nurture the relationship with new customers and send lasting on-boarding series.

 Say “Hello” in a way that really resonates and send a series of welcome messages to make people feel right at home. First impressions are hard to shake. You want to build a business that goes beyond getting traffic through Google Search, deliver the purchase, and never see the customer come back. You need a way to connect and nurture the relationship with new clients. Sending customised and automated on-boarding series with our print and Direct Mail marketing platform is an easy way to greet new subscribers and say thanks for a first purchase. 

Direct Mail Solutions - Customer on-boarding Series
Direct Mail Solutions - Loyalty and Engagement Programs

Deepen the connection with loyal users and activate engagement programs.

Deepen the connection with your most loyal users and increase the customer lifetime value by creating real-time triggered loyalty programs. Maximise customer engagement and send up-sell and cross-sell promotions to discover other product and service categories that could be of value for your users. Build long term relationships with our Direct Mail solutions that enable personalised printed messages with programmatically targeting specific moments in the customer lifecycle.

Re-engage with inactive users and trigger win-back campaigns.

Programmatic print and Direct mail is an incredibly effective marketing method to re-engage with lapsed customers and to recover the lost revenue. It becomes even more powerful when you use automation and prediction models to trigger win-back campaigns at the right time and to the right inactive customers. We have the smart Direct Mail solutions for you to create fully personalised and dynamic campaigns.

Direct Mail Solutions - Churn and Win-back Campaigns

Brands of all sizes use Postana to better connect with their customers.

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