Audience Guidelines – Address Verification

Below are some best practices to follow when you want to structure and standardise the postal addresses of your contacts and increase the quality of delivering your Direct Mail campaigns. Following these Audience Guidelines – Address Verification will help you to set the correct address structure for your campaign.

Address Verification – Contacts Overview Page

Audience Guidelines - Address Verification - Contact Details

Address Standardisation

When uploading the postal addresses of your contacts into the platform it is recommended to use the following standardisation requested by the postal services to process the Direct Mail campaigns efficiently.

‘street_name’ is the label or merge variable you can use for the column name that holds the street name without the house number or addition.

‘house_number’ is the label for the primary house number without the additional information.

‘addition’ is the label or merge variable for the column with the extension of the primary house number, which can be the floor number or the letter of the apartment, for example “A”, “3” or “IV”.

‘postal_code’ is the label for the zip-code of the address, which can be a combination of numbers and letters, for example “1234 AB”.

‘city’ is the label or merge variable for the column that contains the informartion for the city name.

‘country’ is the label for the country name of the recipient.

All postal addresses will automatically transformed into uppercase to be conform with postal service standards, as shown in the example below.

Audience Guidelines - Basic - Contact Upload

Address Verification

The first step to use our address verification is to activate the Address Verification Module. This module is designed to support you to maintain a high level of data quality. The module validates if an postal address can be used to deliver a message and gives you 3 possible outcomes.

Deliverable: this means the postal address is correct and used for your mailing.

Partial: this means that a part of the postal address is incomplete or incorrect, but that there is still a possibility that your mail piece can be delivered.

Undeliverable: this means that there are too many anomaly in this postal address for the postal services to recognise it and deliver the mail piece.

When you hoover over the ‘partial’ address indicator we will give you a couple of suggestions on how to adjust the postal address to make it fully deliverable. Common issues for an postal address to be labelled as ‘partial’ are spelling mistakes in the street name or missing house number additions. See our Pricing Plans for more information about the Address Verification Module.

Address Verification – Strictness Setting

Depending on what business logic you would like to use with regards to the address verification results, you can adjust your target audience selection and exclude or include contacts with ‘Partial’ labelled addresses. See our Campaign Guidelines for more information on how to change the strictness setting for ‘partial’ deliverable addresses. Postal Addresses which are ‘Undeliverable’ will be automatically excluded from your audience selection to avoid sending them marketing messages via Direct Mail.