Design Guidelines – Envelope C5 

Below are some best practices to follow when you are creating an HTML template to design your C5 envelope in landscape orientation. Following these Design Guidelines – Envelope C5 will help you to set the correct lay-out for your marketing campaign.

Design Guidelines – Envelope C5 – Front Side Template

Design Guidelines - Envelope C5 - Front Side

Bleed Area

Normally the bleed is the 3mm extra space added to the outer edges of the printed document. However, with the C5 envelope you will not be able to print on the outer edges.  Therefore the safe zone is also the maximum print area, which will result in 3mm less space on all sides. You will see that the file that you are creating is actually 223 x 156mm instead of 229 x 162mm.

Please ensure that all background graphics or photos fit within the safe zone. The dimension of the safe zone is 2634 x 1843 pixels. Not having your background graphics or photos fit into the safe zone could result in your design being cut off.

Trim Size

The trim size is the final size your envelope will be trimmed to. For the C5 format this will be 229 x 162mm and is indicated by the red dotted line.

Save Zone

Keep your text and important elements within the safe zone, as trimming of the envelope might affect the 3mm grey area. The safe zone for the C5 envelope is 223 x 156mm and is indicated by the green dotted line. Also keep your text and important elements 3mm away from the window area of the envelope.

Ink-Free Area

The “Ink-Free Area” represents boxes which will be printed on top of all the content. For the C5 envelope there are two ink-free areas. One is the “Postage Area” and the other is the “Window Area”.

Postage Area

The postage area is 61 x 27mm and is reserved for the indicia. Anything in this area will be overprinted with the country specific Printed Postage Impression (PPI) including the postage logo and distribution information.

Window Area

The window area is 110 x 40mm and represents the area which will be visible through the envelope window.

Activating the Design Guidelines

To display the design guidelines in the HTML Template Editor you simply activate the “Guides”-icon in the top toolbar. The “guides” toolbar icon is highlighted in the screenshot below. Activating the guides will display the green dotted line for the save zone and the red dotted line for the trim size on top of your design. These guidelines are just a support in the design process and will not be printed. 

Design Guidelines - Interface Activation