Business development campaign for iSHIPit delivery service.

by | 17 Jun - 2020

The local market for delivery services is growing fast. Whether it be delivering meals on behalf of a cafe, restaurant or fast food formula. Delivering a bouquet for the local flower shop, Delivering packages on behalf of an independent retailer or a transport company. Customers are getting more and more comfortable with the possibilities offered by local entrepreneurs via digital commerce. As a result there is an growing demand for delivery jobs of various kinds. iSHIPit is the newest delivery app that offers freelance shippers. They provide local companies with more delivery capacity and with less obligations. Local delivery is no longer just for online stores!

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iSHIPit freelance delivery service

Is one of your own drivers unable to make it? Or is it just too busy? With the iSHIPit app you can hire freelance shippers within 60 minutes, when you need them! Maybe you have enough drivers at your disposal, but you want more flexibility and convenience. Simply book your (own) drivers via the app. With iSHIPit you have full control. You determine the fee for the shippers. You control the settings for the selection of shippers. And you can even create your own pool with the shippers you prefer. With freelance shippers there are no fixed fees, only a rate per hour for the time your hire their services.

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Business Development Campaign

This new innovative delivery app connects consumers, deliverers (shippers) and local entrepreneurs. iSHIPit wants to give local entrepreneurs a boost, by making it possible for consumers to order ‘everything’ locally. In return it is supports local delivery staff, who benefits from this logistics platform.

With a strong footprint in Almere they wanted to expand their regional coverage and asked Postana for help. We created a business development campaign to connect with potential new business partners in Huizen, Blaricum, Laren and Amsterdam. This bi-lingual Direct Mail campaign offers a first month free proportions to try out their logistical services.

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